Hi, I’m Clara, your Travel Engineer! As you’re reading this, I am probably planning my next adventure. I started this blog to keep up with my friends and family when I traveled to Europe and Morocco for eight weeks, but it was just too much fun to stop there!

Now, Where She Went is a place to share stories, advice, and dreams for all sorts of travel. I contribute some from my adventures and have created a space for my peers to contribute as well!

I write about my travels because I believe that everyone should be able to engage with different cultures, landscapes, and communities. It does not have to be scary or wildly expensive. All I want is for something on this blog to inspire you to pack a bag and start your engine, even if it’s just for a weekend. Once you begin, it will be hard to stop!

Join the community- tell your stories, ask for advice, we want it all! Contact me here!