Anna Young


Hello, I’m Anna! I’m intrigued and energized by travel, so when Clara and I met, we became fast friends. I’ve traveled around the United States and parts of Europe, and most recently I’ve had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Curaçao on a trip Clara and I planned together. It’s always interesting to travel with others, and traveling with a good friend can be an incredible opportunity (especially when she has a travel website she wants you to contribute to!)

I’m excited to share some stories that highlight how travel can offer a rich space for learning, questioning, and growing. Travel has allowed me to expand my understandings of myself, the world, and the times we live in. My hope is that my ponderings can offer a spark of curiosity to encourage you, dear reader, to address some of the following questions:

– What norms in my life do I take for granted?
– What scares me about new places and new experiences?
– What excites me about new places and new experiences?
– What don’t I know about the place I’ve traveled to?
– What are meaningful ways for me to learn about a place?
– What have I learned about myself through my most recent trip or experience?

Traveling can take many forms, but any experience can be meaningful if you’re willing to observe, listen, and reflect (and of course have some fun along the way). I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you!

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