I started this travel blog almost four (four?!) years ago. I’m the first to admit that I’ve been an inconsistant blogger, but I’ve enjoyed having it here for me when I’m ready to write. And right now, I’m ready!

Like many people, I had travel plans that were disrupted by the pandemic. And as I dealt with my sadness over the whole thing, I started reading through old travel journals. I stumbled upon so many great stories from over the years that at the time did not seem perfect enough for a blog.

I’m guilty of slipping into that *instagramable travel* trope, and sharing my travel in a way that makes it look like I am having the most carefree, glamourous time. For example, I shared this photo on Instagram a couple of years ago during a visit to Berlin.

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sans souci / without worries #whereshewentblog

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“Without worries,” isn’t that lovely? Well, about 45 minutes before I took this picture, I had been sitting on a bench crying alone with a whole heaping plate of worries.

For a long time, I thought that no one cared about these experiences, but over the last year, as I’ve been working on a book (!), it’s become clear that the mess of travel is essential to the beauty of it.

So, I’ve started posting messy, embarassing, honest travel stories and photos to my Instagram. They’re good entertainment during isolation. And since not all of my readers are active on the app, I am going to begin sharing them here, too! Meet: Stories She Told, another chapter in this blog’s life. Keep your eyes open and make sure you sign up to get notified when a new story gets shared.

A messy moment in Curaçao

Do you have a hilarious/epic/embarassing/strange/sweet/sad story from your travels that you want to share? Reach out here.

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