My bed in Lagun was mainly about finding a way to keep cool. There was air conditioning, but it cost extra money. And I’ve got a long summer of not making money ahead of me, so I was trying to avoid any extra costs.

The first night, I opened my window and felt the breeze move through the room a bit. I had a small fan at the foot of my bed but it was stuck at its lowest setting, and barely moved any air. My door was closed and I was miserably hot. At 1 AM I gave up and turned on the A/C.

The second night, I set up a larger fan at the foot of my bed and kept the window open but my door shut. I slept better that night and didn’t need the A/C. The large fan was much stronger and it blew air on my legs and body and kept me quite cool. I stopped wearing pajamas and resorted to sleeping in a bra and underwear.

The third night, I turned on the A/C for an hour before I went to bed. I kept the door shut and the window shut, trying to trap the cool air in my room. When I turned it off, the bedroom was warm again after just a few minutes. Having given the larger fan back to my housemate, I decided to give the little fan another go. I set it right next to my bed, just a foot away from my body, and opened the window wide behind it. I propped open my door, and the cool breeze wafted into the room. Guided by the little fan, it pushed the heat out through my door. I woke up early for a hike that morning, but was well-rested.

The fourth night, I did not bother with the A/C at all, and instead continued the practice of keeping the window and door open, with the little fan pushing air through the room. I was woken up early by a calling rooster and the hot sun invading my room.

The fifth night, I finally figured out that if I left the window and door open with the fan running, but closed my shade when the sun started to rise, I was able to keep the room cool. The rooster did not call that morning either. Unfortunately, it was that morning that I woke up, packed, and left the Air BnB.

At least I know what to do next time I go.


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