After our three nights in a private room at Bed&Bike, Anna and I had high expectations for the 16-bed dorm room we were moved to. Not shockingly, our expectations were met entirely.

The room isn’t big, but despite there being 16 beds packed in, each person definitely has their own space. More than bunks, the beds are in cubbies, each with hooks, storage lockers, bookshelves, outlets, and a reading light. The best feature? A curtain to pull down next to your bed so that you can have some privacy. I have stayed in countless hostel dorms (really, I tried to count and I couldn’t figure it out) but this is the first time that I have really felt like I was in a dorm that offered some sort of privacy.


Like all the rooms at B&B, the dorm has its own WiFi router and the connection is great! I have been getting a lot of work done, snuggled into my little nook.

The room definitely gets less natural light than our private room did, but it still has two shuttered windows. The A/C can be controlled by a remote that everyone has access to, which is great (or not, if you end up with someone in your dorm who declares themselves in charge of it, I suppose). Fresh air isn’t hard to find though, because Bed&Bike has a really nice terrace! It gets a nice amount of breeze to keep you cool in the hot sun and since it hasn’t been buggy here at all, Anna and I have been spending many of our evenings here writing and sharing a bottle of wine.


I do not want to go without mentioning how fantastic the bathroom facilities are either. They’ve got great showerheads and several sinks and stalls. It’s clean and spacious and I have been frequently showering there just because it is so delightful!

Without a doubt the best part of this place has been the staff who work here, and especially Marla, one of the owners. Before our stay, she was answering emails and once we arrived, she helped us book a rental car for our trip. She was so helpful and kind and welcoming to us, and she made our stay incredible.

Thank you to Bed & Bike Curacao for helping sponsor our visit and writing. For more information on this hostel, please visit . For information on our stay in the hotel portion of Bed & Bike, please click here.





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