After a bit of a wild time in Budapest, I was ready for a break in Vienna. Hostel Ruthensteiner provided just that. It was a funky place with lots of colorful paintings on the walls and a great vibe. There was a piano in the common room, board games, and a guitar you could use. But I didn’t really take advantage of those amenities as much, instead spending my evenings relaxing in my room with my roommates (who were just the loveliest of people).
It’s so important to take some time to let your brain rest. Travel is tiring and sometimes you have to take some time off. Learning that lesson really changed the game for me. It may feel strange when your in Vienna for the first time and you stay in bed until noon, but it’s definitely not a waste (if you don’t make a habit of it). In the end, the few hours you “take off” will mean so much for your general happiness.

That was Vienna for me. Peace, relaxation, and maybe a little Mozart.

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